What We Do

From sourcing through shipment and delivery to your home port,  we gives you full, no hassle, turnkey service for all your importing and exporting needs. We Make It Easy! 

Sourcing of a broad variety of products

Our products include spices , pulses , grains & other as  required food stuffs . See our full product list  in product section.

Additionally,  we sell our own private-label items  and can provide various forms of interim financing for purchases. Contact us to learn more.

For all products, we use our reliable freight forwarding for a streamlined transfer of products  to the destination.

Order Consolidation

We do not want to limit the size or variety of your order. That’s why we’ve become experts at consolidating your multiple item order into a single container. Order two, ten, a hundred different items and we can create a consolidated container load shipment that maximizes weight/cube and minimizes shipping costs. This allows you to buy multiple items in smaller quantities and allows you to receive multiple products from multiple manufacturers. Plus, you will have the advantage of increasing your inventory turnover thus reducing expiration date issues.




We have well organised networks in India as well as International market.This helps us to serve with quality products at best prices.


We always follow the delivery dates as promised to our clients


Dedicated quality assurance team to ensure right quality of material from sourcing to delivery .


Balancing pre and post sales services


We have a single, simple purpose – to serve customers well. This is at the core of our ambition to build a bank known for its consistent, high quality customer service.

We want to be trusted, respected and valued by our customers, shareholders and communities.

We have put a common set of values at the heart of how we do business. Our values are not new, but capture what we do when we are at our best:

Serving customers

We exist to serve customers.

We earn their trust by focusing on their needs and delivering excellent service.

Working together

We care for each other and work best as one team.

We bring the best of ourselves to supply and support one another to realize our potential.

Doing the right thing

We do the right thing.

We take risk seriously and manage it prudently.

We prize fairness and diversity and exercise judgement with thought and integrity.

Thinking long term
We know we succeed only when our customers and communities succeed. We do business in an open, direct and sustainable way.